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Netai Chandra Paul is working with BaSE Group DPDE since July 2000. He is one of the best clay items producers. He lives in the village of Kakrain, Dhaka. He has a nice family with two sons and two daughters and has learned his profession from his father.

Netai produces mainly clay fruit bowls, clay candle stand, clay vase, and clay flower pots, etc. He has four workers and his wife helps him when necessary. He also supplies clay items to Aarong, Heed Handicrafts, and other organizations.

He used to get orders from DPDE and DPDE also helped him with financial advice and with designs if required. Netai’s dream is to get his children educated at universities and colleges.

Through his dedication and work now his eldest son is studying in a private university and his eldest daughter is studying in Commerce, another daughter is getting ready for Secondary School Examination and the youngest son is going to a Primary School.

Netai is happy to see his children having higher education since his father wasn’t able to do the same.

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