Billium Baroi

My name is Billium Baroi, I was born on 27th December 1992, in an ordinary Christian family. But my childhood was full of joy for me and my mother, Meri Baroi .

In our ordinary family, she was very exceptional and not an ordinary person. In my world, my mother is my most favorite and nice person. Day by day I learned one or two steps holding the hand of my mother.

We are five brothers and sisters in my family and I am the youngest.  This is why there was always more care and love for me. There was a school near my house, I started my early school life. I can remember the first day of school, going there holding my mother’s hand.

The feelings of the first day at school were different from all other feelings. From that day a new chapter in my life opened.   Every day my mother went to school with me and she waited and stopped in front of my school till the end of all classes. In my life, at first, I learned to write through my mother.

She was the first teacher in my life. From then I grew up with the love of God and my parents and also my brothers and sisters. Now in my whole life, my knowledge and everything I have was through the blessing of my mother. I crossed some steps in my life and now I am reading architecture.

My mother bore a lot of sorrows for us. I saw my mother working at night. She is one of the most qualified producers of BaSE. I saw that many nights she didn’t sleep and also worked longer and longer. The money she earned she spent on our education.

She suffered a lot of sorrow in her life but as well as the light of life she gave me the light of education also. My education today is going slowly. I completed my secondary school certificate exam from our village school and completed my higher secondary from Khulna Muhashin college.

I am now reading in the Saic Institute of Diploma Engineering college. All of the credit for this goes to my mother. And she is able to do this thanks to Base. Because of our education, she has never bought land to live on.

But now thanks to the help of BaSE we have bought our own land. Now we feel secure because we have our own land to live on for our lifetime and all the credit goes to BaSE. BaSE gave me the opportunity to be an educated person.

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