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Usually, a product can be bought through an e-mail to / containing the order with the product code (available on the BaSE site) and the quantity desired.

It depends on the quantity ordered and the mode of shipment. About by air for 1 week and by the ocean for 1 month.  / is always available for any clarifications.

It is eventually possible to increase the quantity of the order.

BaSE utilizes an official bank account and every transfer is realized directly on it.

Generally, payments are submitted in us dollars or euros, equally accepted. Of course, also BDT is accepted for domestic purchases.

La Bottega della solidarietà; via Piazzi 18, 23100 Sondrio, Italy

E-mail:; Cellphone: +39 0342567310  (Att. Lidia Moroni)

There is a minimum number of 10 pieces of Home & Habitat, Textile & Garments items and 50 pieces of Basketry items to be respected. There is no maximum number.

The BaSE is supported by different shops and outlets throughout many countries. You can find our partners in the Partners section to access their website to locate their shops!

We are available on Viber and WhatsApp at this number +880 171 568 4374. In Skype ‘shourove1‘

We appreciate any communication to help and support BaSE. Please communicate with our mail.

Please contact the Coordinating Director at the e-mail address  / or at the cell phone number +880 171 568 4374 (Att. SHOUROVE ANSARI).