This policy sets out BaSE’s common values, principles, and beliefs and describes the steps that will be taken to fulfill its commitment to its partners and buyers on the Terms of Service.

Definition of Terms of Service

These Terms and Conditions governs the use of the services that are made available by BaSE. These Terms and Conditions represent the whole agreement and understanding between BaSE and the buyer/partners when places an order.

Order Confirmation

To start production, BaSE requires buyers to confirm their orders within one week of placing them. Production will only begin after BaSE receives the buyer’s confirmation and more than 50% of the advance payment.

Payment Terms

Buyers can make advance payments by SWIFT. Sample development costs or below $ 1,000 payment can be sent by SWIFT or Money Transfer Services. Bank charges in the buyer’s country will be the buyer’s responsibility.


The normal delivery period is between 4 and 16 weeks after receipt of the advance payment. This time frame may vary depending on the order assortment, the time of year, and the method of shipment. For repeat orders, the delivery period is 9 to 10 weeks.


The minimum order shipment value is FOB US$ 2,500 for sea freight and FOB US$ 1,500 for air freight. The minimum order for baskets is 50 pieces, and the minimum order for home, textile, and accessories is 15 pieces per different product, depending on the specific product.

Labelling and Packaging

The buyer must send BaSE their labelling and packaging instructions within one week of order confirmation. Any delays in sending these instructions could adversely affect production time and subsequent order delivery. Prices are inclusive of normal wash care and composition label + sea-worthy export carton packaging, with a carton gross weight of approximately 15 – 20 KG maximum. Any special labelling and packaging requirements would cost extra.

Advance Production Samples

BaSE can send advance production samples to a maximum of one piece of each item in about two weeks after receipt of the 50% advance payment. If sample requirements exceed 0.50% of the order value, the difference would be borne by the buyer as sample development charges. The courier costs involved would be for the buyer’s account.

Customised Developments

On receipt of customised development requirements, BaSE will revert with:

  • The cost of the development project
  • The stages and time schedule for development and sampling
  • The estimated selling price for the product involved
  • The minimums required for sampling and production
  • The order delivery time when different from the normal time
  • Any queries, remarks, and constraints

On finalisation of the development project, the buyer is to send BaSE the samples project development cost in advance by (method of payment indicated) and their courier account number for sample despatch. All sample courier costs will be for the buyer’s account. The development time schedule varies between 2 to 4 weeks depending on the range and processes involved.


Please see BaSE’s quality control policy. According to the request, BaSE can proceed for tests. For any special tests like AZO, CE testing, light fastness, wash care, etc., BaSE will charge extra as per the actual costs involved.

Design Rights

BaSE has the sole rights to all the designs of all its products and as such these must not be copied in any form whatsoever. BaSE does not grant automatic exclusivity for any of its products. Any request for exclusivity must be discussed and agreed on in writing and will need to consider among other things: distinct geographical location, specific sales targets/minimums*, and time limitations.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about BaSE’s terms of service, please contact us at /