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Magdalena Victoria Sardar is an active producer of the BaSE Muzgunni group. She started her working life in 1986 when she was living in a rented house with her husband’s family members.

Her husband, Gabbriel Sardar, worked in an NGO for a small salary of five hundred takas per month. It was therefore very difficult to maintain the family costs. She has two daughters and a son; moreover, she has a mother-in-law and sister-in-law with her family. With the income of one person, it is very hard to feed so many mouths.

So she decided to do something to contribute to the family. After trying for a couple of places, where she was unsuccessful in getting work, she then got in touch with the Muzgunni Group. She started to learn the Jute string macramé work.

The money she earned was so helpful to maintain the costs of her large family. Without it, in fact, it was quite impossible to continue her children’s studies and other activities of the family.

Through this work, she was able to buy a piece of land and live in her own house. Now she is the decision-maker in her family and can also save for the future.

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