BaSE in Brief.

Explore our about us page and get to know the vision as a company. The BaSE Bangladesh is a social business and a Guaranteed Fair Trade organization based in Bangladesh, established to coordinate and promote the handicraft products of various female manufacturing groups that are often excluded from mainstream markets, especially those working in the South-West. Since 1999, BaSE has been a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).

Through BaSE, these groups produce various handmade items, including Date/Palm leaf Kaisa & Jute Basketry, Jute Macramé, Crochet & Weaving Bags, Nakshi Hand Embroidery, Fashion, and Accessories.

BaSE is owned by women producer groups and has over 5,000 producers (99% of whom are women) organized into 12 producer groups, offering over 3,000 products.

The producers come from marginalized communities and possess great skill, with the ability to showcase a large variety of their own design items and create customizable designs. BaSE uses local natural raw materials, and all products are 100% natural, biodegradable, and recyclable.

We purchase raw materials directly from farmers or producers and avoid intermediaries or brokers.

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Our Founder.

BaSE was founded by an Italian Xaverian missionary, Fr. Giovanni Abbiati, who was also known as Fr. John. He witnessed the poverty and difficult living conditions of the villagers, especially the underprivileged women. He wanted to make a positive change but without creating economic dependency through direct financial support. He discovered that the village women were skilled in crafting household decorative items using jute, and decided to offer them an opportunity to develop their traditional skills and prepare these products for the market. He started a specific group in Bhoberpara village to export these goods and devoted his life to improving the livelihood of the disadvantaged handicraft producers.

The BaSE concept was born in 1977 and officially formed in 1999 to coordinate the handicraft activities of various producer groups operating in the South-West part of Bangladesh. United under BaSE, these groups, which were not part of the mainstream, were given the chance to promote their products. BaSE stands for Bangladesh Shilpo Ekota, which translates to United Artisans of Bangladesh.

In 2009, Fr. John passed away in a tragic road accident. After his sudden demise, with the leadership of Shourove Ansari and collaboration with all producers, partners, Xaverian society, Fr. John’s family, and Sondrio Friends, BaSE was reformed and continues on its development journey.

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Vision Statements.

We envision economically self-sufficient, socially recognized, culturally empowered, and morally aware, dignified women in Bangladesh.

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Mission Statements.

BaSE’s mission is to allow women of Bangladesh weaving their dignity, self-consciousness, and self-sufficiency with their own hands and through craftsmanship, inspired by their traditions and handicraft legacy.

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Value & Ethical Guidelines.

Without discrimination for gender, color, caste, and creed, the organization is completely charitable, beneficial, educational, non-political, non-communal, and non-profitable. It intends to be a non-discriminating organization with no regard to nation, color, creed, and gender.

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Current Social Objectives.

We focus on producer development through work opportunities, education, health support for families, and capacity building of human resources.

BaSE Producer Groups.

The BaSE consists of different types of members – Direct Groups, Associates Groups, and Occasional.

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The specifications are:

  • Direct Groups: The groups receive direct support in legal issues; follow the 10 WFTO Fair Trade Principles, production management, packaging and shipments. The direct groups are Bhoberpara Mohila Hosto Shilpo (BH), Banchte Shekha Handicrafts (BSH), Khalishpur Group (KHC), Baniarchor Group (BA), Blue Sisters Group (BLU), Mashwar Pasha Group (MHP), Rampal Group (RAM).
  • Associate Groups: These groups have their own management structures and reflect in them a commitment to justice, fair employment, public accountability, progressive working practices, equal gender balance and abolition of child labour. The associates groups are Valerian Handicrafts (SH), Rishilpi Handicrafts (SAT), Charka Handicrafts (CH), Bonochaya Mohila Shomity (BC), Women Training Center (CHA).
  • Occasional Groups/Members: This category provides export facilities to mutual organisations. The occasional groups are ALX and Others.

At present BaSE is working in the following areas:

  • Division: BaSE is working in 2 Divisions in Bangladesh, Khulna, and Dhaka.
  • District: BaSE covers 6 districts – Khulna, Jashore, Meherpur, Satkhira, Faridpur, Bagerhat.
  • Villages: BaSE producers are located in over one hundred villages in 6 districts of 2 divisions.
  • Producers: In total, about 5,000 producers are working under 12 producer groups (Direct and Associates).
Navy Blue Minimalist Company Leader Organizational Chart
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Group nameProduct categoryProduction specializationMaterialsLocationNumber of producers
Bhoberpara Mohila Hosto Shilpo (BH)Home DecorWeavingJute FiberMeherpur143
Banchte Shekha Handicrafts (BSH)Textile, Accessories, Home DecorNakshi-EmbroideryCotton-Silk Recycled FabricJessore206
Baniarchor Group (BA)Home DecorWeavingJute Fibre & Recycled SariFaridpur45
Khalishpur Group (KHC)Accessories, Wedding & GreetingsNakshi-EmbroideryPaper, Cotton Recycled FabricKhulna104
Blue Sisters Group (BLU)Home Decor & AccessoriesMacraméJute FiberKhulna140
Mashwar Pasha Group (MHP)Home Decor & BasketryWeaving, Hand EmbroideryDate/Palm Leaf Kaisa and Recycled SariKhulna & Etc.1,796
Rampal Group (RAM)Home Decor & AccessoriesCrochet & MacraméJute Fibre and Recycled SariBagerhat30
Valerian Handicrafts (SH)BasketryWeavingPalm LeafJessore405
Rishilpi Handicrafts (SAT)BasketryWeavingPalm LeafSatkhira916
Charka Handicrafts (CH)Textile, Accessories, Home DecorNakshi-Embroidery, AppliquéCotton-Silk FabricJessore680
Bonochaya Mohila Shomity (BC)BasketryWeavingPalm LeafKhulna360
Women Training Centre (CHA)Textile, Home DecorNakshi-EmbroideryCotton- FabricKhulna175

BaSE Leadership Organogram.

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BaSE Committee:

Chairperson: Mr. Ashok Sarkar, Social Worker

Vice-chairperson: Ms. Shondha Mondol, Representative BH Group

Secretary: Ms. Lily Serena Biswas, Representative BSH Group

Office Secretary: Ms. Dulali Biswas, Representative KHC Group

Treasurer: Ms. Roza Biswas, Representative SH Group

Member: Ms. Monica Mondol, Representative BLU Group

Member: Ms. Shagorika Mondol, Representative SAT Group

BaSE Consultants:

Design: Ms. Rossana Vittani

SEO: Mr. Md Nurul Islam

BaSE Advisors:

Advisor: Fr. Valoti Lorenzo, Representative Xaverian Missionary

Advisor: Ms. Angela Gomes, Representative National NGO

Advisor: Mr. Benedetto Abbiati, Representative Buyer/Partner/Friends

BaSE Management Team:

Coordinating Director: Mr. Shourove Ansari

Finance and Logistic Coordinator: Mr. Theophil Sardar

Manager – Production & Quality Control: Ms. Hira Gosh

Trainee – Training & Compliances: Ms. Suborna Akter

Office Assistant: Mr. Niloy Banik


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