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It is very interesting to hear that Sulata has bought her own land but the inner side of this history has a very pathetic incident. Her father’s family was living in poverty and among the eight brothers and sisters, Sulata was third.

She grew up in a large family and it was totally impossible to run her family very well. As a result, she was unable to study and was starving for food. In 1987, she learned the jute work and joined the Bhaberpara group.

Later Fr. John admitted her to the night school and from that school, she learned how to sign her name. At the age of eighteen, she married a daily laborer named Sukumar Mondol.

Her marriage life was not peaceful because her husband was not a working type of person but she continued her married life until she was thirty-five years old and during that time she gave birth to three children. In fact, it was only Sulata that played a great role for her family.

She mainly controlled her family and children’s studies, all with her little income. BaSE helped Sulata to build a new house. After building the house her husband sold the land with the building to make a profit.

Her husband never contributed anything to the family, rather he sold their own land. Then Sulata became very upset and took action to retrieve the house. With the help of BaSE, she got the house back again. Sulata is now living a peaceful life with her children and dreams of a better future for them.

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