BaSE Partners List.


WFTO (World Fair Trade Orgenization)

Fair Trade is a tangible contribution to the fight against poverty, climate change, and global economic crises. The World Bank 2014 Report shows that more than one billion people still live at or below $1.25 a day.1  The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) believes that trade must benefit the most vulnerable and deliver sustainable livelihoods by developing opportunities, especially for small and disadvantaged producers.  Recurring global economic crises and persistent poverty in many countries confirm the demand for a fair and sustainable economy locally and globally.



Altromercato is the largest Fair Trade organization in Italy with 113 associates which run over 260 Fair Trade shops all over the Country. It works with 155 producer organisations in more than 45 countries, in the South and North of the World.

Altromercato works with thousands of artisans and farmers, whose job is respected and remunerated with a fair price. The product chain is transparent and traceable; the producers’ rights are preserved and products are guaranteed to be of the highest quality: the only way we can protect and share a culture of responsible living.

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Associazione per SEWA

Associazione Per Sewa was created in 2005 as a non-profit organization to sustain and defend underprivileged women’s rights in India and Bangladesh and to preserve the finest tradition of arts and crafts.

The association also supports local NGOs by financing their social projects.


Cooperativa La Bottega della Solidarietà - Sondrio

Da vent’anni la Bottega della Solidarietà sostiene la vendita di prodotti artigianali del commercio equo e solidale e supporta progetti educativi destinati alle fasce più marginali del Bangladesh.



Equo Mercato Cooperative was founded in the ’90’s by a group of volunteers recently returned to Italy from Burundi.
Today it is a well-established small cooperative with 20 members, of whom 5 are employees.
It is a one of the founders of AGICES, the Italian General Assembly of the fair trade market.



LiberoMondo è una cooperativa Sociale di tipo B nata nel maggio del 1997.
Propone un commercio equo e solidale sociale:
– per favorire ed avviare reali processi di affrancamento dal sottosviluppo economico e sociale dei paesi e delle popolazioni del Sud del mondo;
– per intervenire anche nelle situazioni di disagio locali, cercando di offrire una concreta possibilità di lavoro a persone escluse dai normali circuiti di impiego.


Oxfam Intermon

Somos una fundación privada, independiente y sin ánimo de lucro, regida por un Patronato de 12 profesionales vinculados al mundo académico, de la empresa y de la solidaridad.
Con su apoyo y asesoramiento, quienes integramos OI, voluntarios/as, colaboradores y miembros en plantilla, luchamos a favor de la justicia y la paz.


Price is Rice

Price is Rice is a non profit organisation that sets out to recognise the aesthetic values of handicraft in Bangladesh and preserve its traditions. The organisation was set up in 2013 by a group of textile designers and works between Italy and Bangladesh to ensure that beautiful design meets fair trade.


The Dharma Door

Our aim is to bring the highest quality designer Fair Trade homewares to an audience that values contemporary design.

The Dharma Door has travelled the world to find the most highly skilled Fair Trade artisans, using only the best quality raw materials, to bring you an exclusive range of baskets and homewares that bridge contemporary styling with time honoured traditional production methods. In others words, not only are you purchasing a beautifully designed and impeccably crafted product, you are engaging with a product that tells a story with every stitch and every fibre.






One Village One Earth

平等で 差別のない多文化共生社会の実現を目指し、地域活動支援センター 地球屋本舗の運営や、


The Nando Peretti Foundation

The Nando Peretti Foundation provides grants to projects which fall into one of the following areas: Charity, Educational, Environmental conservation, Medical research, Construction, Cultural/Artistic. The categories “Campaigns” and “Historical Partners” include projects which are grouped according to various criteria.


Istituto Europeo di Design

IED owes its establishment in 1966 to the intuition of its President Francesco Morelli. Through time, it has become a 100% Made in Italy international network of excellence, operating in the fields of training and research, in the disciplines of Design, Fashion, Visual Communication and Management.