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Shahida is a brave and hardworking woman who has overcome many challenges in her life. She was born without two legs and one hand, but she has never let her disability stop her from achieving her goals.

Shahida grew up in a poor family, and her father was unable to support his family on his own. Her mother, Johora Begum, worked as a date leaf maker, and Shahida learned the trade from her at a young age.

In addition to her studies, Shahida also worked hard to learn how to make date leaf baskets. She faced many obstacles along the way, but she never gave up. Many people tried to suppress her, but her mother’s motivation kept her alive and active.

Shahida making date leaf basket

Despite the insults and doubts of others, Shahida persevered and earned a master’s degree in arts in 2015. She is grateful to BaSE for helping her reach her destination.

In 2022, Shahida landed a job as a receptionist at the renowned Akij Group of Companies. She is also the founder and activist of Creative Women’s Handicapped Welfare Organization, where she works with other disabled girls to give them courage and encouragement.

Shahida’s aim in life is to stand by the backward disabled women of society and encourage them in all their endeavors. She is an inspiration to backward disabled girls like her, showing them that they can work hard and have sustainable life.

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