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The word “sari” comes from the Sanskrit word “Satika” which means “a piece of cloth”. For women, wearing a sari is also a part of culture and tradition. Only twelve feet long, this marvelous piece of clothing with various designs, colors, and fine weaving has given a distinct identity to every Bengali woman.

Bangladeshi Sari’s;
Jamdani Saris: These saris are made from hand-woven fabric that is characterized by its intricate patterns. Jamdani saris are considered to be one of the most expensive and luxurious types of saris in Bangladesh.

Dhakai Muslin Saris: These saris are made from a fine, lightweight fabric that is known for its sheerness. Dhakai muslin saris were once considered to be the finest in the world. Yarn with a minimum thread count of 300 was used for hand-woven muslin.

Tangail Saris: These saris are made from fabric that is woven in the Tangail district of Bangladesh. Tangail saris are known for their soft and lightweight fabric.

Cotton Printed Saris: Affordable, Be it in the workplace, house, or during travelling, most women feel comfortable in cotton saris.

Dhakai Benarasi and Katan Saris: The Bridal Masterpiece. Yet Top-Notch.

Silk Saris: Rajshahi’s Pride. This silk production belongs to high-quality fabric especially. Mainly, three categories of silk are found along with Rajshahi Silk Shari – Mulberry Silk, Eri Silk, and Tussar Silk.

Manipuri Sari: Manipuri women are renowned for their hand-loom woven cloths. The saris is also worn for everyday wear, and is considered to be a very elegant and graceful garment.

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