Wedding and Greetings

For Wedding and Greetings gifts and special occasions, these products are lovely made in various communities in Khulna, Jessore, and Satkhira. With a mixture of different materials, we offer a selection of greetings cards embroidered on paper with meaningful images, gift pouches of jute fabric, jute strings, and various designs and fabrics- cotton, silk, cotton/silk. BaSE also thinks about your Christmas, bringing you the chance to decorate your home and to send joyful cards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a gift or write a card to someone special at any occasion!

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Pencil Holder Rainbow

Product Code: BaSE-70002

Size & Dimension: 11×11×13cm

Hand Made Paper & Upcycled Sari – Note Book

Product Code: BaSE-76003

Size & Dimension: 15x20cm

Bookmarks with Sari patchwork, Embroidery & Check

Product Code:BaSE-79001-2-3

Size & Dimension: 20.5x4cm

Jute & Iron- Cloth Hanger

Product Code: BaSE-79004

Size & Dimension: 40x15cm

Pouf – Upcycled Sari filled with Fabric Waste

Product Code: BaSE-79005

Size & Dimension: 30x20cm

Bookmark – Jute

Product Code: BaSE-79006

Size & Dimension: 23×4.5cm

Bookmark in CM.

Product Code: BaSE-79007

Size & Dimension: 20x4cm

Letters Package Cards

Product Code: BaSE-79008abcd

Size & Dimension: 7x7cm

Eyes Masks

Product Code: BaSE-79009

Size & Dimension: 19X9cm

Embroidered Bomboniera

Product Code: BaSE-90001

Size & Dimension: 12x9cm

Jute with button 1

Product Code: BaSE-90002

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute with button 2

Product Code: BaSE-90003

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Bomboniera pride with a French button

Product Code: BaSE-90004

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute bomboniera with pride and lace over lapping

Product Code: BaSE-90005

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute bomboniera with pride

Product Code: BaSE-90006

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Bomboniera only jute

Product Code: BaSE-90007

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Sari bombonieara little

Product Code: BaSE-90008

Size & Dimension: 23x13cm

Bomboniera with lace

Product Code: BaSE-90009

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Gift Pouch

Product Code: BaSE-90010 | BaSE-90011

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Pride Cotton Rumal

Product Code: BaSE-90012

Size & Dimension: 26x26cm

Small Pouch Bag in ND Silk

Product Code: BaSE-90013

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Small Pouch Bag in Pride Cotton Hand Embroidery

Product Code: BaSE-90014a

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Small Pouch Bag in Pride Cotton Hand Embroidery Circle Style

Product Code: BaSE-90014b

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Bomboniera Boxes

Product Code: BaSE-90020

Size & Dimension: 7x7x5cm

Greetings Card – Block Print & Embroidery

Product Code:BaSE-94001a-k

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Paper Tree & Hanging Cloths

Product Code:  BaSE-94002ab & 94005

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Cross Cord & Sari

Product Code:  BaSE-94002cd

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Stitches

Product Code:  BaSE-94004

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Moon

Product Code:  BaSE-94002e

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Sun

Product Code:  BaSE-94002f

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Boat

Product Code:  BaSE-94002g

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Date Palm Leaf – Crib

Product Code: BaSE-94010

Size & Dimension: 25x40cm

Christmas Decoration in Upcycled Sari

Product Code: BaSE-97001

Size & Dimension: 5x7cm

Christmas Decoration in Grameen check

Product Code: BaSE-97002b

Size & Dimension: 8x7cm

Christmas Ball – Big | Medium | Small

Product Code: BaSE-97003abc

Size & Dimension: 7cm | 5cm | 3cm

Christmas moon

Product Code:  BaSE-97005

Size & Dimension: 8cm

Greetings Card – Embroidered Assorted Design

Product Code: BaSE-KHA 011

Size & Dimension: 15.5×11.2cm

Jute Decoration

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-011

Size & Dimension:

Jute Angel

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-065b

Size & Dimension: 12×6cm

Jute Macramé – Gift Pouches

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-088

Size & Dimension: 12×6cm

Jute Decoration

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-235

Size & Dimension:

Mondira Cross Coconut Shell Long String

Product Code: BaSE-JAG A 898

Size & Dimension: 3×4cm