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Are you looking to buy fair trade toys wholesale? We are proud to offer you the best handmade toys wholesale at the best prices.

Fair Trade Toys Wholesale from Bangladesh

The BaSE does not forget the wishes and needs of your children! From small animals made of jute to colorful puzzles and educational games, our Toys and Kids products offer the kids the opportunity to play with each other, with their families, and with themselves.

Our goal is not only for your children’s entertainment and learning but also for the maintenance of a sustainable process, by using local materials such as jute fabrics, wood, and natural paints.

Happy Family Jute

Product Code: BaSE-80015

Size & Dimension: 14x16cm

Animal’s Family – Crow

Product Code: BaSE-81001

Size & Dimension: 21cm

Animal’s Family – Horse

Product Code: BaSE-81002

Size & Dimension: 26cm

Animal’s Family – Camel

Product Code:  BaSE-81003

Size & Dimension: 40cm

Animal’s Family – Frog

Product Code:  BaSE-81004

Size & Dimension: 12cm

Animal’s Family – Zebra

Product Code: BaSE-81005

Size & Dimension: 24cm

Animal’s Family – Elephant

Product Code: BaSE-81006

Size & Dimension: 14cm

Animal’s Family – Sheep

Product Code: BaSE-81007

Size & Dimension: 6cm

Animal’s Family – Reindeer

Product Code: BaSE-81008

Size & Dimension: 24cm

Baby Bassinet (Cotton Cord with Cane Ring)

Product Code:  BaSE-85001

Size & Dimension: 68x39cm

Baby Bassinet (Date Palm Leaf with Jute Beni)

Product Code:  BaSE-BCG 220

Size & Dimension: 68x39cm

Baby Bassinet (Date Palm Leaf with Jute Lace)

Product Code:  BaSE-BCG 220s

Size & Dimension: 68x39cm

Jute Macramé and Cane – Swing

Product Code:  BaSE-KHB-028

Size & Dimension: 40x40cm

Jute Dolls

Product Code:  BaSE-KHB-061

Size & Dimension:

Jute Baby Hanging Toy

Product Code:  BaSE-KHB-068

Size & Dimension: