Dress & Fashion - Fair Trade Clothing Wholesale

You might be wondering where to find cheap fair trade clothing wholesale. You can find cheap fair trade clothing here, at BaSE Bangladesh. We have a wide range of fair trade clothing.

Fair Trade Clothing Wholesale from Bangladesh

The BaSE offers you a large range of Dress and Fashion items. Our producers, through tailoring and embroidery techniques, create beautiful pieces hand-worked with cotton, silk, a mixture of them, and also jute.

The result is colorful clothes, scarves, and slippers to enlighten yourselves with a Bangladesh fashion sensation!

Nokshi Mala (flower necklace) – Jute

Product Code: BaSE-40002

Size & Dimension: 120cm

Pata Mala (leaves necklace) – Jute

Product Code: BaSE-40003

Size & Dimension: 60cm

Square Scarf – Cotton / Silk

Product Code: BaSE-45002

Size & Dimension: 200 x 30cm

Slipper – Cotton Toe Design

Product Code: BaSE-46001

Size & Dimension: 10′

Nakshi Scarf – Cotton / Silk

Product Code: BaSE-CH A-77

Size & Dimension: 150 x 30cm

Silk & Cotton – Ladies Dress

Product Code: EMS-002

Size & Dimension: S / M / L / XL

Silk & Cotton – Skirt

Product Code: EMS-003

Size & Dimension: S/M/L