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Looking for fair trade cards and wedding gifts wholesale? We sell original designs, and offer bulk discounts, and wholesale prices! Browse our catalog today.

Fair Trade Cards & Wedding Gifts Wholesale from Bangladesh

At BaSE Bangladesh, We believe that a greeting card shouldn’t be just for the holidays, but for life. That’s why we offer Fair Trade Cards Wholesale. We want you to be able to send a message of hope and kindness, no matter how small or big your budget is.

From our Fair Trade Birthday Cards Wholesale collection, you can find cards that feature messages from people around the world.

For Fair Trade Wedding gifts and fair trade holiday cards, these products are lovely made in various communities in Khulna, Jessore, and Satkhira.

With a mixture of different materials, we offer a selection of greetings cards embroidered on paper with meaningful images, gift pouches of jute fabric,  jute strings, and various designs and fabrics- cotton, silk, cotton/silk. BaSE also thinks about your fair trade Christmas cards, bringing you the chance to decorate your home and send joyful cards.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make a gift or write a card to someone special at any occasion!

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Pencil Holder Rainbow

Product Code: BaSE-70002

Size & Dimension: 11×11×13cm

Hand Made Paper & Upcycled Sari – Note Book

Product Code: BaSE-76003

Size & Dimension: 15x20cm

Bookmarks with Sari patchwork, Embroidery & Check

Product Code:BaSE-79001-2-3

Size & Dimension: 20.5x4cm

Jute & Iron- Cloth Hanger

Product Code: BaSE-79004

Size & Dimension: 40x15cm

Pouf – Upcycled Sari filled with Fabric Waste

Product Code: BaSE-79005

Size & Dimension: 30x20cm

Bookmark – Jute

Product Code: BaSE-79006

Size & Dimension: 23×4.5cm

Bookmark in CM.

Product Code: BaSE-79007

Size & Dimension: 20x4cm

Letters Package Cards

Product Code: BaSE-79008abcd

Size & Dimension: 7x7cm

Eyes Masks

Product Code: BaSE-79009

Size & Dimension: 19X9cm

Embroidered Bomboniera

Product Code: BaSE-90001

Size & Dimension: 12x9cm

Jute with button 1

Product Code: BaSE-90002

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute with button 2

Product Code: BaSE-90003

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Bomboniera pride with a French button

Product Code: BaSE-90004

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute bomboniera with pride and lace over lapping

Product Code: BaSE-90005

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Jute bomboniera with pride

Product Code: BaSE-90006

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Bomboniera only jute

Product Code: BaSE-90007

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Sari bombonieara little

Product Code: BaSE-90008

Size & Dimension: 23x13cm

Bomboniera with lace

Product Code: BaSE-90009

Size & Dimension: 12×8.5cm

Gift Pouch

Product Code: BaSE-90010 | BaSE-90011

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Pride Cotton Rumal

Product Code: BaSE-90012

Size & Dimension: 26x26cm

Small Pouch Bag in ND Silk

Product Code: BaSE-90013

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Small Pouch Bag in Pride Cotton Hand Embroidery

Product Code: BaSE-90014a

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Small Pouch Bag in Pride Cotton Hand Embroidery Circle Style

Product Code: BaSE-90014b

Size & Dimension: 12x8cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Bomboniera Boxes

Product Code: BaSE-90020

Size & Dimension: 7x7x5cm

Greetings Card – Block Print & Embroidery

Product Code:BaSE-94001a-k

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Paper Tree & Hanging Cloths

Product Code:  BaSE-94002ab & 94005

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Cross Cord & Sari

Product Code:  BaSE-94002cd

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Stitches

Product Code:  BaSE-94004

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Moon

Product Code:  BaSE-94002e

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Sun

Product Code:  BaSE-94002f

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Boat

Product Code:  BaSE-94002g

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Date Palm Leaf – Crib

Product Code: BaSE-94010

Size & Dimension: 25x40cm

Christmas Decoration in Upcycled Sari

Product Code: BaSE-97001

Size & Dimension: 5x7cm

Christmas Decoration in Grameen check

Product Code: BaSE-97002b

Size & Dimension: 8x7cm

Christmas Ball – Big | Medium | Small

Product Code: BaSE-97003abc

Size & Dimension: 7cm | 5cm | 3cm

Christmas moon

Product Code:  BaSE-97005

Size & Dimension: 8cm

Greetings Card – Embroidered Assorted Design

Product Code: BaSE-KHA 011

Size & Dimension: 15.5×11.2cm

Jute Decoration

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-011

Size & Dimension:

Jute Angel

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-065b

Size & Dimension: 12×6cm

Jute Macramé – Gift Pouches

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-088

Size & Dimension: 12×6cm

Jute Decoration

Product Code: BaSE-KHB-235

Size & Dimension:

Mondira Cross Coconut Shell Long String

Product Code: BaSE-JAG A 898

Size & Dimension: 3×4cm