Bags and Pouches

The BaSE brings you a range of handmade Bags and PouchesThe production takes place in three main organizations, two in Jessore –Banchte Shekha Handicrafts (BSH) and Charka Handicrafts (CH)- and one in Khulna –Khalishpur (KHC), based on the work of around a thousand dedicated women. Our Bags and Pouches are accurately made mainly with hand-loomed cotton, sometimes mixed with other materials such as silk and jute.

Carrying Bag

Product Code: BaSE-1010

Size & Dimension: L70x W40cm

Tobacco Bag  (2 ply colored kantha embroidery)

Product Code: BaSE-1011

Size & Dimension:10x17cm

Bag Sari Single Layer

Product Code: BaSE-1012

Size & Dimension: 40x30cm (handle 50cm 2cm large)

Bag Sari Double Layer

Product Code: BaSE-1013

Size & Dimension: 40 x 30cm (handle 50cm 2cm large)


Product Code: BaSE-1014

Size & Dimension:  25x30cm

Cat Design Bag

Product Code: BaSE-1015a

Size & Dimension: 37x39cm

Elephant Design Bag

Product Code: BaSE-1015b

Size & Dimension:  37x39cm

Tiger Design Bag

Product Code: BaSE-1015c

Size & Dimension: 37x39cm

Shopping Bag – Jute & Cotton

Product Code: BaSE-01018b | BaSE-01017b | BaSE-01016

Size & Dimension: 50x40cm | 40x30cm

Reversible Bag

Product Code: BaSE-2001

Size & Dimension: 35 X 43cm

Rossana Bag Big

Product Code: BaSE-2002

Size & Dimension: 50X90cm

Bianca Bag

Product Code: BaSE-2003

Size & Dimension: 26 X 26cm

Sundori Bag

Product Code: BaSE-2004

Size & Dimension: 37x45cm

Embroidered Cement Bag (L)

Product Code: BaSE-2005

Size & Dimension: 24 x 11cm

Embroidered Cement Bag (S)

Product Code: BaSE-2006

Size & Dimension: 18 x 15cm

Note Book Bag

Product Code: BaSE-2007

Size & Dimension: L33xH40xW3cm

Hammock Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3010

Size & Dimension: H75 x W37

Sabina Jute Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3101

Size & Dimension: 19x12cm

Beach Jute Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3102

Size & Dimension: 43x30cm

Zig Zag Jute Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3103

Size & Dimension: 35x40cm

Sailor Macrame Shoulder Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3104

Size & Dimension: 45x30cm

Carola Macrame Shoulder Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3105

Size & Dimension: 21x30cm

Stefano Macrame Shoulder Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3106

Size & Dimension: 60x60cm

Veronica Macramè Shoulder Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3107

Size & Dimension: 40x30cm


Product Code: BaSE-3108

Size & Dimension: 50x20cm

Jute Canvas Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4001

Size & Dimension: 36x35x14cm

Passport Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4002

Size & Dimension: 14x19cm

Make-up Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4003

Size & Dimension: 19x11cm

Laminated Jute Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4004

Size & Dimension: 19x13cm

Bazar Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4010

Size & Dimension: 30x35cm

Gift Bag

Product Code: BaSE-4011

Size & Dimension: 5x19cm

Jute Macramé Bag

Product Code: BaSE-5001

Size & Dimension: 48x42cm

Shoulder Bag (wood basket style)

Product Code: BaSE-6001

Size & Dimension: 35x30cm


Product Code: BaSE-9001

Size & Dimension: 45X45

Jute Macramé – Salma Bag

Product Code: KHB 15

Size & Dimension: 38x33cm

Jute Macramé – Gioionty Bag with Clay Bead

Product Code: KHB 232

Size & Dimension: 16x15cm

Nilima Bag

Product Code: RISP 1802

Size & Dimension: 25x48x16cm

Nobel Bag

Product Code: RISP 1803

Size & Dimension:  27x35x14cm

Ladies Bag – Jute & Leather Macrame

Product Code: RISP 1804

Size & Dimension:  27x34x10cm

Embroidered Elephant Cosmetic Wallet

Product Code: BaSE-KHA25

Size & Dimension: 20x12cm

Embroidered Small Pouch

Product Code: BaSE-KHA26

Size & Dimension:

Embroidered Pouch

Product Code: BaSE-KHA27

Size & Dimension:

Embroidered Wallet

Product Code: BaSE-EMS88

Size & Dimension:

Embroidered Hand Bag

Product Code: BaSE-EMS89

Size & Dimension: