Onima Sardar: The Basket Maker

Meet Onima Sardar, the talented date leaf basket maker from BaSE SAT Group. Onima’s craftsmanship has deep roots, as she learned the art of basket making from her mother at a young age. She’s not just a skilled artisan; she’s also a dedicated mother to her son, Shovon.

Shovon, despite facing challenges due to cerebral palsy, displays remarkable determination. Onima’s income from crafting these exquisite baskets, which are skillfully made from date leaves and sea grass, goes a long way in supporting their family. It helps provide for essentials like food, clothing, and more, ensuring Shovon receives the best care possible.

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Shovon’s story is equally inspiring. Despite mobility challenges, he pursued education until class XII, thanks in part to his mother’s unwavering support. BaSE stepped in by providing a customized wheelchair, enhancing Shovon’s mobility. Although distance and accessibility hurdles in the local streets and college made completing his studies difficult, Shovon didn’t give up. Today, he manages a small stationery shop next to his home, handling the business accounts himself.
Onima and Shovon’s journey is a testament to human resilience and determination. They are an inspiration to us all, demonstrating the incredible strength of the human spirit. We are proud to be part of their story and salute their courage. Their story embodies the values of fair trade, sustainability, and socio-economic progress, which are at the heart of our mission.

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