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New Arrivals

Check out our new arrivals of products. We introducing new products regularly items as Palmleaf Basketry, Jute Macramé, Nakshi Embroidery, Women Clothing, and Accessories.

Basketry & Boxes

Jute – Hanging Basket

Product Code: BaSE-10003ab

Size & Dimension: 21x25cm | 26x30cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Recycled Plastic Half&half Basket Set/2pz (green)

Product Code: BaSE-11013

Size & Dimension:

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Magazine Basket

Product Code: BaSE-11021

Size & Dimension: 35x22x35cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Round Basket (faka style)

Product Code: BaSE-11019

Size & Dimension: 28x8cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Round Basket with Upcycled Sari Border

Product Code: BaSE-11020a

Size & Dimension: 25x21x8cm

Date Palm Leaf & Grass – Round Basket set 3 with Upcycled Sari Border

Product Code: BaSE-11020b

Size & Dimension: 27×12 | 22×9 | 17x8cm

Grass & Upcycled Sari – Round Basket

Product Code: BaSE-20004

Size & Dimension: 40x15cm

Bags & Pouches

Macramé – Jute Bag with Denim Handle

Product Code: BaSE-SM1001

Size & Dimension: 42x48cm

Macramé – Carola Shoulder Bag

Product Code: BaSE-3105

Size & Dimension: 21x30cm

Cotton / Jute – Small Bag

Product Code: BaSE-Sample 12

Size & Dimension: 20x12cm

Jute – Small Bags

Product Code: BaSE-Sample 03-06-07-08-09

Size & Dimension: 20×13.5cm

Cotton with Kantha Stitch – Patchwork Bag

Product Code: BaSE-Sample2360MVPJPK

Size & Dimension: 25x30cm

Cotton with Cane Handle – Shopping Bag

Product Code: BaSE-Sample 2346GM

Size & Dimension: 90x82cm

Jute – Basket Bag with Lining

Product Code: BaSE-Sampleaw01

Size & Dimension: H19xW36cm

Wedding & Greetings

Greeting Card – Block Print & Hand Embroidery

Product Code:  BaSE-94001

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greetings Card – Paper & Hanging Fabric

Product Code:  BaSE-94002

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card – Hand Embroidery

Product Code:  BaSE-KHA11

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Greeting Card –  Hand Embroidery (Peace | Seagull | Squirrel | Waratah Flower)

Product Code: BaSE-94003abcd

Size & Dimension: 17.5×11.3cm

Book Mark –  Cotton Fabric with Hand Embroidery

Product Code: BaSE-KHA15

Size & Dimension:

Toys & Kids


Product Code: BaSE-80015

Size & Dimension:

Horse & Frog

Product Code: BaSE-81002 & 81004

Size & Dimension:

Jute Elephant

Product Code: BaSE-JAG T3

Size & Dimension:

Home Habitat

Table Mat – Hand Embroidered

Product Code: BaSE-SM1002

Size & Dimension: 35x50cm

Table Mat – Hand Embroidered with Cutlery Pocket

Product Code: BaSE-SM1003

Size & Dimension: 35x50cm

Jute Calendar

Product Code: BaSE-56007

Size & Dimension: 65x70cm

My Tie (Cotton+Upcycled Sari)

Product Code: BaSE-56010

Size & Dimension: 57X38cm

Table Runner with 6pcs Mat

Product Code: BaSE-sample02

Size & Dimension: 160x40cm | 35x50cm

Baby Bassinet

Product Code: BaSE-85001

Size & Dimension: 68x39cm

Category - Dress & Fashion

Apron – Denim with Upcycled Sari

Product Code: BaSE-SM1004

Size & Dimension: 90x50cm

Jute Nokshi Mala (flower necklace)

Product Code: BaSE-40002

Size & Dimension: 120cm

Silk Scarf

Product Code: BaSE-45003

Size & Dimension: 200x30cm

Dress – Cotton & Silk Mixed Fabric

Product Code:  EMS 214b

Size & Dimension: S/M/XL/XXL



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