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The dream became a reality in the life of Minu Sheakh, 30 years old, who is an active producer of the EMS group. Minu comes from a very poor family, has three sisters and one brother; they were unable to go to school.

Minu had a dream to go to school and become educated but being poor was only a dream in her eyes. Her family gave her in marriage when she was fifteen. Her husband, Kuddus Sheakh, was a truck driver; never gave any attention to the family.

Often her husband did not come home or take care of the family. She was in a very miserable condition. Later Minu decided to become self-sufficient so she took the opportunity to have training in BaSE member Ekota Mohila Shomity (EMS) group. In 2001 she joined as a regular producer in EMS Group.

With the money, she earns she sent her children to school and started to run her family. In fact, she embroiders fabrics, it takes a long time but she is better off with this work.

This year her daughter passed S.S.C (Secondary School Certificate) examination. This is the happiest news of her life, Minu is very happy now because her dream became a reality through her daughter and she wants to see her daughter become a doctor.

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