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Monica Panday, a 52-year-old woman, continues to work and has achieved self-sufficiency. She has dedicated over 30 years to the BaSE BLU Group, where she holds the esteemed position of group leader.

During her early years, Monica entered into a love marriage with Porimol Panday, who worked as a day laborer at the time. Their limited income presented challenges in meeting their daily expenses. Despite these hardships, Monica considers herself fortunate to have a caring husband. Together, they are parents to two sons and a daughter. While Monica’s husband remained supportive, inconsistent work opportunities posed difficulties in managing the family’s needs and covering their children’s educational costs.

Upon discovering an opportunity to learn jute macrame work from an Italian Sister Gemma, Monica seized it without hesitation. After completing her training, she gradually evolved into a skilled trainer in crafting jute macrame items such as bags, mats, shikas, and curtains. Throughout the years, she has shared her knowledge with approximately six hundred girls under her expert guidance.

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To sustain her family, Monica diligently pursued her work at the BaSE BLU Group while simultaneously raising her children. Though she managed to save some funds, the challenge of building a new house persisted. Monica’s determination prompted her to set aside money from her modest earnings for her children’s education. Fortunately, BaSE extended a helping hand by providing an interest-free loan, which empowered Monica to construct a new home. Her efforts didn’t stop there; she worked tirelessly to ensure her daughter’s marriage was conducted in a dignified manner.

As time passed, Monica’s circumstances improved significantly. The bonds within Monica’s close-knit family have also grown stronger. Guided by her purpose to educate and support marginalized and disadvantaged girls, she has effectively managed her life. Monica’s unwavering commitment to stand by these young women and offer them opportunities remains resolute.

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