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“Nobody will feed me but only my own hands” Joshna Khatun spoke these words firmly. She is 50 years old, still working, and became a self-help woman. She married 30 years ago, that means when she was 20 years old. Her fates betrayed her life. Her married life did not last long.

Her husband wanted a dowry and often physically touched her. She stayed in her husband’s house only one year; after that, she left the house and returned to her father’s house.

In 1983 she came to BSH and met Angela Gomes, founder of BSH, received training, and became a prominent producer of the group. Her embroidery is excellent.

Now she does not depend on others. She alone helps herself; moreover, she also helps her brother’s family and bears all the costs for her blind sister. She also saves money and through this helped her brother to buy land where they harvest different vegetables, paddy & others.

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