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We are very happy to inform you that, BaSE has been verified by the Social Enterprise World Forum, because of international relationship with WFTO, and found to be a genuine social enterprise based on the criteria used by SEWF:

  • Mission: BaSE has a clearly stated primary social or environmental mission.
  • Ethics: BaSE is transparent about and accountable to its mission and aspires to the highest ethical business standards in all internal and external dealings.
  • Income: BaSE generates the majority (51% or more) of its operating income from trade, the sale of products and services, including grants for product outputs or services.
  • Surplus: BaSE reinvests the majority (51% or more) of its surpluses in pursuit of mission.
  • Ownership: BaSE is controlled in the interests of stated mission, not individually controlled.
  • Asset Lock: BaSE has provisions in place to ensure that if the organisation is dissolved, disposed of or converted, all residual assets will be distributed in line with your stated mission.

SEWF Verification was designed in consultation with partners around the world. It recognises existing regional and national social enterprise verification systems, builds on existing knowledge and expertise, and provides accessible, affordable and culturally responsive social enterprise verification in places where such options do not exist. The goal is to expand market access for all social enterprises globally.


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