(20 Fun and Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids Using Natural Materials

Engaging kids in arts and crafts using natural materials is a fantastic way to foster creativity while promoting environmental awareness.

Here are 20 fun and easy arts and crafts ideas using materials like jute, bamboo, recycled sari, date/palm leaf, and sea grass.

Fun and Easy Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

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1. Jute Plant Hangers

Create simple plant hangers using jute twine. Kids can braid the jute and knot it to hold small plant pots.

2. Bamboo Wind Chimes

Gather bamboo pieces and string them together to make soothing wind chimes. Let the kids paint the bamboo for added fun.

3. Recycled Sari Bookmarks

Cut pieces of recycled sari fabric into bookmark shapes. Decorate with tassels made from the fabric scraps.

4. Date Palm Leaf Baskets

Weave small baskets using date palm leaves. These can be used to hold small toys or as decorative pieces.

5. Sea Grass Mats

Teach kids how to weave mats using sea grass. These can be used as placemats or small rugs.

6. Jute Coasters

Cut jute into circles and decorate with paint or small fabric pieces to make unique coasters.

7. Bamboo Pencil Holders

Use bamboo stalks to create pencil holders. Decorate with paint or wrapped jute for a rustic look.

8. Recycled Sari Garland

Make colorful garlands by cutting recycled sari fabric into strips and tying them onto a string.

9. Date Palm Leaf Fans

Weave date palm leaves into fans. Kids can decorate the handles with paint or fabric.

10. Sea Grass Bracelets

Create bracelets by braiding sea grass. Add small beads or charms for extra flair.

11. Jute Wall Hangings

Make wall hangings by weaving jute and decorating with beads, feathers, or small fabric pieces.

12. Bamboo Picture Frames

Construct picture frames using bamboo sticks. Kids can personalize them with paint or stickers.

13. Recycled Sari Patchwork

Create patchwork pieces by sewing together small squares of recycled sari fabric. These can be used as quilt pieces or wall art.

14. Date Palm Leaf Crowns

Make fun crowns by weaving date palm leaves. Decorate with flowers or small fabric pieces.

15. Sea Grass Coiled Baskets

Teach kids how to coil sea grass to make small baskets. These can be used for storage or as decorative pieces.

16. Jute Keychains

Create keychains by braiding jute and adding small charms or beads.

17. Bamboo Plant Labels

Cut bamboo into small sticks and use them as plant labels. Kids can paint the names of the plants on them.

18. Recycled Sari Dolls

Make small dolls by wrapping and tying recycled sari fabric. Add features with markers or small buttons.

19. Date Palm Leaf Mobiles

Create mobiles by hanging date palm leaves from a piece of driftwood. Decorate with beads or small fabric pieces.

20. Sea Grass Wall Art

Weave sea grass into small wall hangings. Decorate with shells, beads, or small pieces of fabric.


Using natural materials for arts and crafts is not only environmentally friendly but also allows children to connect with nature. These activities are perfect for nurturing creativity and teaching kids about sustainability.

Enjoy making these fun and easy crafts with your little ones!

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