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BaSE is a social business and a certified Fair Trade organization that has been producing and exporting handicraft products since 1977.

Empowering artisans, transforming communities: BaSE brings fair trade crafts from Bangladesh to the world, creating sustainable livelihoods and fostering social change.

Why Choose BaSE?

Certified Fair Trade organization in Bangladesh.

+ BaSE, owned by women artisans, champions creativity and expertise. Our skilled artisans, hailing from marginalized communities, receive fair wages and opportunities for livelihood support.

+ Elevate lives with every purchase: Embrace exquisite craftsmanship and empower over 5,000 home-based women producers through your support.

+ BaSE is certified Fair Trade company, dedicated to upholding fair trade principles and supporting artisans and communities.

+ BaSE prioritizes sustainable, locally-sourced materials, embracing circular economy principles for environmentally responsible products.

+ BaSE artisans excel in crafting custom-made products, meeting the specific needs of buyers and partners, fostering tailored solutions and strong relationships.

+ Our steadfast commitment to quality has forged enduring partnerships. Customers trust us year after year for their handicraft needs.

+ BaSE offers customers flexibility with both direct container and consolidated shipments, meeting diverse and specific shipping needs.

BaSE Bangladesh Homepage Banner photo

Handicrafts Manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Embark on a journey of vibrant, handcrafted treasures. Explore a world of over 3,000 unique designs across textiles, fashion, home decor, and accessories. Discover your perfect piece or curate your dream collection.

Sustainable from the source: Locally-sourced, natural, biodegradable & recyclable materials fuel our eco-friendly promise.

Customize it your way: Harness our expertise and resources to bring your personal vision to life with custom-made creations.

Handmade quality you can feel: Each piece whispers a story of tradition and artistry, built to last.

Positive impact, stylish statement: Make a difference for the planet and your wardrobe with every unique, ethically-sourced piece.

BaSE Fair Trade Values.




Producer Groups


BaSE Membership.

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